Working at StandBy Solutions

Working at StandBy Solutions means working within a professional and innovative tech company. There is informal contact within the company, the lines are short and you get a lot of freedom to quickly implement your own ideas.

In addition to the fact that there is room to perform your own ideas, you quickly gain personal responsibility. It is possible to organize your own working day. You can often implement your own ideas without permission.

StandBy Solutions is a fast-growing company in which no day is the same. If you like change and are eager to learn, you will feel completely at home with us.

We are a company where you get the opportunity to learn by collaborating with other teams and other fields in addition to just your own field.


You get to know the BHV more and more at StandBy Solutions. The BHV is required by law in the Netherlands, which is why you get the chance to join many different organizations, both profit and non-profit organizations, and many large and small companies.

In addition to the regular activities, there is also plenty of room for socializing with us. Any idea for an activity or party is usually well received. The more ideas, the more fun things we can do such as the drinks, the StandBy music quiz, and the tastiest snacks, etc.

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What are we doing?

StandBy Solutions ensures that all organizations throughout the Netherlands create the safest working environment for all employees. We think that it is important that people feel safe at work.

What does the emergency response app provide?

We build safety apps, we do this by using innovative techniques, working together with the best advisors in safety, and talking to all kinds of organizations from large to small organizations in order to include their experiences.From this, we have developed the BHV app, the ultimate tool for companies to ensure that the organization can guarantee the safety of its employees.

The app automatically detects whether you are present or absent at the work location and can determine which emergency response officer is closest to the accident. In addition, an alarm can be sent to the emergency response team with the app and they can communicate via the walkie-talkie function in the app.
The BHV app ensures that the BHV is within reach and helps companies to create a safe working environment.

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The BHV app

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Norms & Values

StandBy Solutions has 3 core values ​​that are central to the company. We stand for trust, dedication, and cooperation. We consider these core values ​​important because we these core values ​​to achieve our goals. We want the customer to see that we can be trusted, by delivering the work well and on time, by delivering dedication to the customer, and by working together to achieve the best results.



The culture of StandBy Solutions is an innovative culture in which our employees are given the space to express their creativity and everyone is given the freedom to organize his and/or her own working day. It is therefore expected that everyone shows initiative and dares to take risks in this.

iOS developer mobile development


  • Company laptop and telephone
  • Flexible working hours
  • A competitive salary
  • Workplace in the heart of Rotterdam

Where are you going to work?

StandBy Solutions is located in the GHG. The GHG is an iconic building in Rotterdam, right next to the Central Station in the heart of Rotterdam.

In addition to the location being easy to reach, the center with all shops and restaurants is nearby. The GHG is a source of inspiration for modern architecture, just like the Central Station and the Marriott Hotel.

In the GHG there is a community of fast-growing companies that can learn from and inspire each other. In addition to the fast-growing companies, a lot of art can be seen in the building. Various workplaces have also been created next to the offices, so you can sit outside in the lounge or take a seat in one of the meeting rooms.





Does the safety of a working environment appeal to you? Do you have a passion for incident management and organization of stakeholders in this process?

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Medior iOS Developer

As an iOS developer at StandBy Solutions, you will be working on the ‘StandBy app’: a mobile app for company emergency responders.

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