How does the BHV App work?

Have company emergency responders respond quickly and specifically in case of calamities. No matter how complex your organization is.

Eenvoudig Alarmeren

Indispensable for an effective emergency response organization.

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Targeted alarm via alarm scenarios

Trigger processes and scale-up procedures automatically thanks to predefined alarm scenarios.

  • Coordinating emergency response officers more efficiently and in a more targeted manner
  • Tailor scenarios to specific risks
    Send alerts to emergency responders based on location
  • Alarm based on presence

Alarmscenario BHV app
reanimatie BHV app

Flawless coordination thanks to direct communication

Communicate directly from the app to different channels via voice and app messages. For example, coordinate a flawless evacuation or communicate during a resuscitation thanks to the hands-free functionality.

  • No investment in a separate walkie-talkie is necessary

  • Set a maximum number of simultaneous speakers
  • Dynamic insight into the identity of the speaker and participants

Always insight into the number of emergency services

Get real-time and everywhere insight into the presence of emergency response officers and other emergency responders thanks to automatic attendance registration.

  • 100% accurate location thanks to GPS, WiFi and bluetooth beacons

  • Even when systems fail due to, for example, fire or malfunction
  • Immediate notification in case of understaffing of emergency services

Telefoon - Desktop - Laptop

Our web application

Manage, organize & coordinate from one platform

  • Insight into the safety of your emergency response organization thanks to reports and statistics
  • Easily set up alarm scenarios
  • Always insight into the emergency response team members present, including location, name, photo and job title.

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