Functionalities of the BHV App

For an effective emergency response organization

The StandBy BHV app is fully customizable and can therefore be used effectively in your BHV organization. In addition to our three core functionalities, we offer various additional functionalities. The BHV app also offers solutions for specific needs or covers certain risks.

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Our basic functionalities for optimum security

  • Presence detection

    Get real-time and everywhere insight into the presence of emergency response officers and other emergency responders thanks to automatic attendance registration.

  • Alert via alarm scenarios

    Automatically initiate processes and scale-up procedures thanks to predefined alarm scenarios.

  • Direct communication

    Coordinate a flawless evacuation or communicate during a resuscitation thanks to the hands-free functionality.

BHV app

The webapplication

All management functions in one place.

  • Manage profiles, roles and locations
  • Create and edit alarm scenarios
  • The grip on safety thanks to reports and statistics
  • Overview of emergency responders present
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Get the most out of your emergency response organization

Discover all our additional functionalities.


(NEW) BHV QR code

Alert quickly by scanning the BHV QR code

  • Anyone can alarm
  • Fast and effective in case of a emergency
  • Localizing the Alarm
bmc brandmeldcentrale

Link with fire alarm control panel

All notifications immediately forwarded to the smartphone

  • All notifications in one place
  • Verifying the reports on the fire alarm panel first is no longer necessary
  • Includes installation and test
Binnenshuis positiebepaling

Indoor positioning

Alert emergency response officers based on location: floor, wing, room and more

  • Immediately notify the nearest emergency response officer in the event of an incident
  • Scaling alarms based on location
  • No investment in walkie-talkies or beepers

Visitor registration

Register your visitors and make their presence known

  • With and/or without reception
  • Welcome message + instructions e.g. an evacuation

Link with your company calendar

Automatically adjust attendance based on the company calendar

  • Automatic availability updates
  • Automatic availability monitoring
  • Automatic notifications in the event of an expected shortage
BHV Telefoon

BHV Telephone

One button and number for direct contact with Emergency Response

  • Direct contact with the emergency response team present
  • Simultaneous call from all members of the emergency response team present


Showing the present emergency response team members on a screen

  • Facial recognition of the BHV members
  • Sense of security for your employees
  • For example at the cafeteria or reception
standby alarmknop

Alarm buttons

Quickly alert the emergency response team with one press of the button

  • Location-based alarm buttons
  • Personal alarm buttons
  • Directly linked to an alarming scenario

Want to know more about our functionalities?

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