About us

About us

StandBy Solutions is a Dutch small and agile organization developing a detection system for facility services, workplace information and workplace safety. 

People and devices are detected inside buildings and the direct environment/area through a combination of different technologies: Wifi, cell phone masts, GPS and bluetooth low energy beacons. This allows for precise and real time data flows regarding the location of individuals and devices inside a specific area or location.

Our mission is to provide organizations with a comprehensive digital overview of their operational and safety related information and insights through a creative and transparent approach, in combination with a strong sense of all existing/relevant safety norms and laws.

Duco Ferro, managing director

The StandBy eco-system: partners and the Almende group

StandBy solutions is a software development firm with a specific focus on providing digital solutions for physical workplace environments. This sector/product specific focus is the result of being part of a larger network of companies within the Almende group, an overarching investment firm developing ideas originating from R&D activities and field experiences. This provides StandBy with certain unique advantages in comparison to more traditional autonomous organizations that are leveraged in order to adapt our products and services to changing societal needs and develop new specific and innovative products and services tailored to specific ends.

StandBy also possesses a large network of partners within the workplace safety industry,
specifically related to the practical and training related matters within the organizational safety industry.
This enables StandBy to gather all new practical insights and changes related to the world of organizational
safety and translate these back into our digital product, thereby improving the relevance of the application
in light of continuously evolving safety norms and regulations. By working together with these firms (see chart below),
StandBy is able to remain focused on its core competency of software development while making sure it remains compatible
and up to date with the newest trends developments regarding all aspects of the industry.


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