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  • Automatic presence detection

  • Quick and easily alarming

  • Direct communication
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Automatische Aanwezigheidsdetectie

Automatic presence detection

Always insight into the occupation. The presence of emergency response officers is automatically registered. This will send you a message when there is understaffing. This ensures efficient alarming.

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Alarm easily

Immediately alert the right person based on the type of calamity. Send targeted and efficient alarms thanks to predefined alarm scenarios. As a result, emergency response officers are automatically called up based on scenario-specific requirements, such as location, and job title. Send alarms from the mobile app, web app, and/or central reporting point (e.g. reception).

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Directe Communicatie

Direct communication

Direct and easy communication between people involved from the app via push-to-talk, chat and media. Get live insight into speakers, participants and adjustable speaker limits.

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Many additional functionalities

Manage your emergency response organization even more with these useful additional functionalities:

  • Employee app for direct contact between emergency response team member and employees

  • Link with (internal) emergency number
  • Visitor registration for insight into the presence of visitors
  • Koppeling met brandmeldcentrale
  • Insight into the closest emergency response officer

  • Realtime presence sign at entrance or reception
  • Alarm buttons for calling for help quickly

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