The Emergency Response Officers app

Indispensable for an effective emergency response organization

  • Automatically presence detection of emergency responders
  • Alarming based on predefined scenarios
  • Quick and clear communication via the push-to-talk function

Our safety module offers organisations an easy and at hand solution that allows emergency officers to have up to 100% control over their safety process on the workfloor.

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Presence Detection

Automated real time overview of your BHV’ers presence on company premisses and statistical insights
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In app predefined alarms scenarios enabling fast communication in critical times
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Quick and easy communication always at hand while protecting more people and saving costs for your organisation

Presence detection

Our BHV App offers different ways of detecting the presence of a BHV’er. Through the app the BHV organisation has a detailed overview of which BHV is present and where they are present at. This functionality replaces with considerable efficiency the old fashion Presence board (Ontruimingsbord). BHV’ers are automatically detected as soon as they enter the premises without the need of any action or button to indicate the presence/absence. 


Our BHV App offers BHV’ers the easiest way of alarming the right person according to the type of emergency. This is only possible due to the predefined scenarios for each incident. The advantage of our BHV App is that alarms can be sent from the mobile app, from the webapp and/or from the reception central reporting point through the alarmcentrale.


In certain situations, alarming all BHV’ers on call is an insufficient action. In reality, many of these situations must be properly coordinated. Therefore our BHV App ensures effective communication from anywhere making sure all involved people are safe and connected. 

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The perfect safety management solution for your organisation

Trusted by organisations of all sizes
within different industries

StandBy Solutions facilitates a safe working environment for various industries.


G4S does not easily work together with external parties. Especially not with start-ups, because we want everything to be fail proof. With StandBy it is very clear: this product works. 

Ruud Willemsen, G4S sales representative

Why StandBy Solutions?

StandBy Solutions facilitates a safe working environment for organizations. The combination of our management solutions supports companies up to 100% of their safety processes on the workfloor.


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