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StandBy Solutions

StandBy is a detection system for facility services, business communication and workplace safety. StandBy detects the presence of people and devices in buildings and areas. StandBy uses a combination of different technologies:Wi-Fi, Cell Phone masts, GPS and Bluetooth low Energy (BLE) beacons. The use of these technologies determines which people or devices are present at a location and where they are on the premises.

3 modules
This enables use cases that are interesting for medium and large companies. We have translated these use cases into our StandBy application. We have divided the application into three modules:

Safety                        Reachability                        Facility Services

StandBy app voor BHV, facilitair en kantoor


Standby offers different solutions for reachability, facility services and safety.  Our application determines where people or devices are present in a location and where they enter the premises. We have translated several use cases to modules in StandBy; these modules can be used separately or together. This gives great flexibility to StandBy, and StandBy is fully customizable to your organisational needs. Find out which modules are suitable for your organisation.

Read more about it on the product page and discover what StandBy can do for your organisation.

StandBy Platform

StandBy has an Android App, iPhone App and Windows (Phone) App. Next to those apps you can always use StandBy via the web (PC/laptop, Mac, etc) and you have the possibility to integratie StandBy with multiple (external) systems, like a fire panel, (wireless) alarm buttons or an access control system (gates).

Business partners

We work with business partners. Because we work this way, we can truly focus ourselves on our product and our customers. In most cases, our partners deliver complete systems for organisations.

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