BHV Alarm within reach

Make sure your employees can communicate quickly and effectively. Use the alarm via QR code and hang it up in different places in the building. This way, everyone present in the building can raise the alarm in case of an emergency.

Alarming via QR code makes alarming easier for all employees. Act quickly in case of emergency and scan the QR now.
QR code

A quick alert for every employee

Anyone can alarm

The QR code ensures that everyone present in the building can activate the alarm, so everyone is able to activate the alarm.

Fast and effective in case of a emergency

You save time, especially in case of a emergency, mistakes can sometimes be made regarding the way communicating. With the alarm via QR code you can immediately call the right number.

Localizing the Alarm

The location is immediately determined based on the QR code.

Direct and effective alarting via the QR code. Give employees the opportunity to raise the alarm in case of an emergency.

Immediate and effective help for everyone

Often not all employees know where to find the emergency services.

By means of the QR code you do not have to go looking, but the emergency services are immediately alerted. By scanning the QR code, the alarm is sent and the location is determined.

How does the alert with the QR code works?


Scan the QR code on the poster with your phone’s camera.

You use the camera on your phone for this. Press confirm if the QR has been found, so that a warning can be sent immediately.

Scan the QR code.


The alert is sent and your location is determined.

The location is immediately sent to the emergency services present. The app sends a direct notification to the emergency services

The location is determined.


You are in direct contact with the emergency response team.

You will be put in direct contact with the emergency services. Speak to the emergency services about this. This way you indicate what is going on and they support you by phone until they arrive on the location.

Direct contact is made with the emergency services.