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Emergency response officers

StandBy app voor BHV, facilitair en kantoor

The safety module combines various functions relating to emergency response, safety and security in one system with a smartphone app (Android, iPhone (iOS) and Windows). This saves investment in various sub-solutions such as a beeper, walkie-talkie and access detection or registration systems. ERO is important in organisations and this module provides a complete solution for the alerting and communication of EROs among themselves.

Presence of aid workers and employees
StandBy, using the StandBy app, monitors the presence of EROs and other safety personnel, such as first aiders and security agents. This can be used to keep track of whether a sufficient number of personnel are accounted for. The present safety personnel are displayed on a screen, for example at the reception, which prevents manual error. It is also possible to determine which EROs are located in the property. In case of an emergency, the nearest member of safety staff can be alerted.

Alarms on the smartphone
StandBy alerts EROs (and other safety staff) on their smartphone through the StandBy app, even when the phone is in silent mode. Alarms can easily be sent to the EROs that are present. This can be done through the app and desktop web application for the reception, reporting room or headphone / security.

Communication through the “Walkie Talkie functionality”
StandBy gives the option to EROs and other users to communicate by voice . EROs can communicate directly through StandBy with one another on one channel to properly coordinate evacuation.



The safety module allows users to safeguard their security, by calling for immediate help from present security personnel to prevent the escalation of threatening situations. Security staff can also be notified automatically, based on sensors in the property.

Report threatening situations
When there is a threatening situation, members of the Security or Aggression Intervention Teams can be called through StandBy. The alarm can be invoked via a specific (internal) emergency number, which is automatically forwarded, through the emergency button in the StandBy app and also through linked emergency alarm buttons.

Track & Trace of people and devices
StandBy gives the possiblity to enter the property and get access without PIN, passwords or other controls. Through the application and Bluetooth, the gateway detects that the employee is in front of the gate and can then pass through. It is also possible to detect theft of devices through the Crownstone. Is your expensive multifunctional disconnected from the wall socket? Get a notification so the security staff can take a look.

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