Privacy statement

Privacy Statement StandBy Solutions B.V.

Privacy Statement StandBy Solutions B.V.

In order to make the StandBy facilities available to its users, StandBy Solutions B.V. processes personal data in a number of cases. Below is a description of which data StandBy uses for what purposes and what StandBy Solutions B.V. does to protect your privacy. StandBy Solutions B.V. will hereinafter be called StandBy Solutions.

Why we collect information

StandBy Solutions collects personal data to facilitate the use of its products. Personal data is used to make StandBy work correctly, to identify the StandBy user, to make contact if necessary, to facilitate communication between users within the same customer environment and for user surveys.

Information we collect

StandBy Solutions is responsible for the processing of personal data for the service offered: StandBy. For StandBy the following personal data is processed:

  • First name, last name and username
  • password
  • phone number
  • (company) email address
  • (Portrait) photo of users (Optional)
  • Presence at a predefined (geographical) location
  • Optional: Address, postcode and city

This data is edited and used for:

  • Alarms – StandBy uses personal data to send targeted alarms based on name, role and location. This data is stored and is transparent in a historical overview of alarms. If there are links with systems of third parties such as a fire alarm system or aggression buttons, this is also displayed and stored in the application.
  • Internal communication – Personal data is used to send and receive messages between users in the StandBy environment.
  • Presence detection – StandBy collects data about the presence in pre-designated locations or areas. Precise locations are never known in the system. Location data is processed locally. The smartphone client (app) only generates notifications based on the presence of the user within a complex or zone. These notifications are protected with HTTPS and shared with StandBy via the internet. StandBy only sees if someone is present or absent. In addition, this data is used for generating presence statistics. Statistics are generated based on roles, usernames are not used or shown in the presence statistics.
  • Availability – In StandBy there is the possibility to indicate availability. A user also has insight into the availability of other users within the company environment.
  • Support – Personal data is used for the (automated) sending of (forgotten) passwords, sending SMS-messages, answering questions and providing support. Name, telephone number and email address can be used to contact users.

StandBy Solutions will not sell, distribute or disclose personal data to third parties without your prior consent, unless it is obliged to do so by law, by code of conduct, by profession rules or by court order.

StandBy Solutions does not store personal data for longer than is necessary for the described purposes. Exceptions are data that have to be kept longer for legal retention obligation, code of conduct or professional rules.

Request to modify personal data

You have the right to request that we update, correct, or delete (assuming that this does not impact the services we are providing to you) your personal data at any time. If you stop taking our services, it is possible to receive the personal data (of all users) in a JSON or CSV-file.

Use of log files

StandBy Solutions automatically generates log files from the usage of its service. StandBy Solutions keeps usage data such as IP addresses, URLs, date and time of calling up the pages, the referring communication facilities and other parameters in the URLs.

Data relating to (communication) actions in StandBy can also be used for statistical purposes with the aim of improving the service.

Retention periods

short description of data categoryMaximum retention period
Personal data: This category relates to the personal data that is processed and used for the proper functioning of the StandBy application. This data can be adjusted by the user and by the administrator.1 month (after cancellation)
Logfiles: Historical data of the activities of users in StandBy, which are stored for monitoring purposes and problem solving.3 months
Backups:  StandBy backups are saved for recovering and / or replenishing any lost or corrupted data. This also concerns personal data.31 days
Administrative data (invoices)10 years

Data security

StandBy Solutions has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against loss or against any form of unlawful processing.

StandBy is equipped with secure connections by default. All our connections to and from StandBy on the smartphone and the application on PC, tablet and laptop are secured by HTTPS.


StandBy Solutions uses servers and storage from Amazon Web Services (EC2 and S3). We only use servers in the European Union. We use Amazon Web Services EC2 and S3 for the production environment and back-ups.

Privacy by design

StandBy Solutions adheres to the “privacy by design” principle when developing new features and functions. This means that with each (new) feature or function, appropriate protection and security are implemented. This can be technical or organizational in nature.

Data breach

In the event that a data breach is discovered or reported, StandBy Solutions will investigate the problem with the highest priority to implement a permanent solution. If it appears that it takes longer to implement a permanent solution, a temporary solution will be applied until there is a permanent solution. Research will also be carried out into the size of the data breach and the affected users. Administrators of affected environments are informed as quickly as possible by mail or by telephone. If necessary, a report is made to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The protocol that needs to be followed is (internally) described in the document: “What to do in case of a data breach?”

Communication Facilities from third parties

If the services of StandBy Solutions require communication facilities or services from third parties such as smartphones, network connections or browsers, these third parties or others may collect information about you from these communication facilities. StandBy Solutions is not responsible for the content of these communication facilities or services and the actions of these third parties and others. StandBy Solutions advises you to take note of their policy regarding the processing of personal data.

Suppliers of StandBy Solutions

We use services and facilities from third parties to provide our services. A list of suppliers and agreements can be requested at

Consent and amendments

If you provide information through this service, you also consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of that information in accordance with our privacy policy. Our privacy policy will be updated regularly. In case of major changes, we inform the contract holders about this by email before a change comes into effect.


Do you have any question about this privacy statement? Contact us at +31(0)85 888 2466 or send us an email at


  • 16 november 2017: renewed version of the privacy statement published.

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