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What we do

StandBy Solutions develops applications with the latest cutting edge technology. For now we aim at three industries: Reachability, Facility services and safety.

All our applications are developed inhouse. We have our own dedicated developers. We use the Scrum method, which makes us flexible in our development of our applications.

Business Partner benefits

We at StandBy Solutions love to work with business partner. Partnerschip gives benefits for both parties.

StandBy is a complete SaaS system. The advantage of a SaaS is that it can be used directly, easily scalable and without too much installation. You only install the application. This is beneficial for Business partners as they do not need to worry about updates, security or the development of features. Our team will take care of that.

Support line

We have our own support line. An end user can directly contact us. This ensures we can resolve Problems or questions quickly.

Intregration and linking with other systems

It is also possible to integrate or link StandBy to other systems like a fire alarm installation, panic buttons or power supplies.

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