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Indoor lokalisatie

StandBy can also locate inside a building or on a location where an user is at a given time. StandBy uses beacons, Geofencing and WiFi.

Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) Beacons

GPS can track your location outdoors, in the same way in which BLE Beacons can track your location indoors. Beacons are small devices that send and receive bluetooth signals. When users with a smartphone change their location in the building,the location can be tracked through the beacons. This can be done on a department level, a floor level or at a room level.

StandBy uses Crownstones. Crownstones are BLE beacons that are plugged directly into a wall socket or that can be built into a wall socket. Beside indoor location detection, crownstones can measure energy usage, switch electrical devices on or off, and can be paired with extra sensors for detection based on CO/CO2, movement or sound.

Besides beacons StandBy uses other methods to see where an user is on the premises on a given time.

crownstone beacons voor indoor lokalisatie


StandBy uses WiFi for automatic presence detection and to locate an user or device on the premises.



Besides WiFi and beacons, StandBy uses geofencing, a geographic area with virtual borders, to detect if a device enters or exit the premises

StandBy can not track any device or user outside the predefined regions

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