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Would you like to see what the StandBy ERO App can do for your in-house emergency service organization? Complete the form below to request a free demonstration immediately.

During a visit from one of our representatives you will receive a tour of StandBy. You also immediately have the opportunity to ask questions. Together with our representative we look at how you can best use the StandBy ERO App in your organization. After the demonstration you can make an appointment with the representative to start a trial period. In this way you can experience how StandBy works in practice with your own emergency response team members.

Safety at the workplace with the StandBy App

Safety First! A safe working environment provides peace in an organization. Managing and providing insight into the presence of in-house emergency responders can be difficult: The presence is not recorded or is prone to error. In addition, calling an in-house emergency response officer may be unclear. It is also important that emergency responders can communicate quickly and easily (among themselves, with colleagues and / or visitors).

StandBy combines the various functions around company emergency services in one system with a smartphone app. With StandBy alerts can be sent, communicated with each other and you have insight into the presence. And all this is done in a safe and fast way.

StandBy has an Android App, an iPhone App and a Windows (Phone) App. In addition, StandBy can be used everywhere via the web (PC / laptop, Mac, etc) and links with various (external) systems are possible, such as a fire alarm center, (wireless) alarm buttons or access control system.

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