Product StandBy



Building usage

With StandBy you can see which buildings and office spaces are being used and when. This information gives the facility manager a detailed insight in the efficiency of the current building usage. A shortage of spaces or a surplus can easily be seen. Based on this information it can be decided to create additional space, or in case of a surplus, (temporarily) repel some office spaces.

Building statics
StandBy generates charts and other management information. How effectively StandBy is being used can be monitored. It can also be used to give insight about a longer period of time. For example, to see how many spaces are actually needed during(school) vacations or other such periods. All information can be exported as charts and tables.

Product StandBy


Energy usage

crownstone beacons voor indoor lokalisatie

Some smart functions that will save energy can be deployed by combining information about the presence of employees and energy consumption. For this purpose we use Crownstones. Crownstones are beacons that can be directly plugged or built into a wall socket. Crownstones can be used for detection, energy monitoring and to switch devices on or off. By linking these functions and the presence information you can save energy in a smart way.

Automated lighting for each room
Save energy by automatically switching off lights, PCs, or multifunctionals when the last employee leaves the room or building. Alternatively, have the lights turn off after 19:00 by default, except in places where employees do overtime.

Energy monitoring
Information about energy usage by room is visualized by StandBy. This allows you to quickly track and turn off power-hungry devices. Aberrant energy consumption will be visible with StandBy.



Facility services are a part of facility management. The deployment of supportive personnel can be significantly improved by using presence detection. This use case is interesting for technical staff, reception-free organisations and cleaning personnel.

Cleaning services
The location data of employees are valuable for cleaning. With this information, the cleaning service only needs to clean the spaces that are actually used during the day. Non- or less-used spaces are skipped.

Support services ICT
When in need for help from the ICT department you only get an employee from ICT on the phone who are present. Or ask for help on-site to an ICT colleague via the StandBy app. The nearest and available ICT employee will get the notification and may help as quickly as possible. Also make notifications of broken equipment through the app. With the location added to the notification to the ICT department, they will know exactly where the equipment is located.

Property services & maintenance
Technical staff will receive location-based messages when they enter a room during their rounds. This helps them to see what’s broken in which room. These messages are from employees who see irregularities or defects in the property and report it through the StandBy app.

Hospitality & Reception
Visitors can sign in and out at the front desk. As a result, information is available on who is present on the premises. The host or hostess receives a notification on the phone that his or her guest has arrived. This use case can also be used for organisations without a reception: Visitors can sign in through a screen and be referred to the seats where they can wait for their host or hostess.

Catering services
Keep track on how many staff have been in the cafeteria or coffee room. In combination with information about the occupation of the past day or weeks, StandBy can give indications. For example, whether the coffee machine needs to be replenished. This prevents food waste or a lack of food and drink.

Staff can also order coffee or lunch at the catering service. Because the location is given through StandBy, they know in what room they need to place the ordered food and drinks.

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