Product StandBy




Clever fowarding
For a customer it is annoying not to get to the right employee right away, and to instead be forwarded a couple of times. Conversely, your employees are typically not keen to handle calls when they are in a meeting or not at the office. The module Reachability uses smart algorithms to address those problems by using the presence data of employees.

Forward calls based on location or meeting
Reachability is important for almost every organisation. StandBy uses the presence data to see if the call needs to be forwarded to another employee. In addition StandBy can also forward incoming calls based on location of an employee or appointments

The best workplace in the building
StandBy helps employees to find the best workplace. StandBy gives information concerning if and where a workplace is free. The application will also show who is present and in which location. This will help in finding co-workers much more easily. It is also possible to have a large screen installed to show who is present.

Presence overview and warnings for low reachability in the app
With the rise of working at home, the reachability of your organisation can be low. StandBy will notify you when this situation arises.

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